LogoSina Medical Clinic, 505 Smithe St, Vancouver BC V6B6H1, Tel: 604-336-7462 (ext 2)

Online Booking


PHONE/TELEHEALTH VIDEO-CONFERENCING: Patients need to book an appointment online or by calling the clinic during office hours. For quick follow-ups, prescription refills, and appointments that do not need physical examinations we ask patients to book a phone or telehealth appointment. Since we have limited onsite appointments we can only book in-person visits for urgent procedures and cases that need physical examinations.

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS: None of our doctors accept patients at this time. If you already have a family doctor in the clinic, we highly recommend to always book new or follow-up appointments with your family doctor.

WALK-IN PATIENTS: If you do not have a family doctor but you have seen a doctor before at Sina, you can book an appointment here; but if this is your first time booking please do not use the online booking. We are a busy clinic with many patients asking for follow ups and our preference is to help our patients that have been at the clinic before. Our clinic does not accept new patients at the moment and if you have not seen a doctor at Sina before we would not be able to accomodate your needs.

CALLING THE CLINIC: We receive many calls during the day asking questions that are already explained in detail on the FAQ section of our website. Please make sure to read FAQs before calling the clinic. During rush hours the wait time could be more than 1 hour. When you call the clinic, the phone system keeps your position in the queue. You can wait on the line or press 2, then press star (*) (to confirm the call-back number) and hangup. Once it is your turn, the system will call you back. Please stop calling the clinic multiple times as it will not help you reach the front desk faster.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs): Please make sure to fully read the FAQ section before making a new appointment. Most of the questions that you may have are answered here.

1- If you have not seen a doctor at our clinic before please do not book an appointment online. We do not accept new patients at the moment. If you have a student/private insurance please call the clinic for any availabilities: 604-336-SINA (7462) extension 2.

2- If you have a doctor at Sina Medical, we recommend to always book your appointments with your family doctor and not with other doctors at the clinic. Your doctor knows your medical history and is able to provide better care. --> If you book your appointment with a doctor other than your family doctor, we reserve the right to cancel it.